Overview of MiniSAP Plus (+)

The ‘MiniSAP Plus (+)’ application is a collection of operating system scripts and desktop icons working together to improve the MiniSAP Administrators experience while learning SAP technologies.

“No more need to use a terminal window for NPLADM startup and shutdown tasks”

“Automate the startup of MiniSAP services after user login to the guest operating system”

“Manually trigger a clean shutdown of the MiniSAP services and the guest operating system, in just a few clicks”

Installing ‘MiniSAP Plus (+)’ will add a ‘MiniSAP+’ application to the Gnome desktop application list. These action menu items simplify the management of the ‘MiniSAP Plus (+)’ installation.

Recommendation: Add the main ‘MiniSAP Plus (+)’ application to the Gnome favourite applications list on the left side.

Disclaimer: The ‘MiniSAP Plus (+)’ application capability is for MiniSAP Developer Edition installations only. Never use it in a production system because the NPLADM/HXEADM users password is stored in a plain text file. This is intentionally insecure, prioritising convenience over security, for a ‘Developer Only’ installation in a virtual machine on your personal laptop.

To be clear, this is not an Enterprise-grade solution.
Do not use it in any commercial organisation environments.