Easy Offline Installations of MiniSAP Editions for SAP Enthusiasts


MiniSAP … the free trial software available for the truly curious SAP Enthusiast to learn more about the SAP suite of technologies, without the ongoing costs of using a server on the internet (in the cloud).

Explore a few of the SAP applications, made available as Developer, Discovery & Express editions that you can download and install on your personal computer.

Experience the benefits of a clean virtual machine installation with access to the MiniSAP services, without an internet connection.

Easy to install, backup, start, break, restore and start again while experimenting with coding ABAP, ABAP-OO, debugging, API’s, gateways, repositories, hosted services, transports, emails, system configuration, optimisation and so much more.

MiniSAP (ABAP Stack)

Perhaps you have searched Google for these questions?

Who am I?

My name is John Lang, an Aussie from the land down under, with extensive experience in managing and building practical solutions. Originally, a solid foundation in SAP Business Warehouse (BW), HANA Data Modelling and programming; which has evolved into leading project teams to deliver successful outcomes for their clients, customers and user communities.

I started this website because my learning journey constantly involves frustratingly repetitive activities. Every time I had a few hours to tinker and dig deeper into a topic, I’d waste 5-10 minutes getting the required systems and services up and running. This always distracted me from the real goal of being able to quickly test an idea, to see if it would work.

Despite enjoying a good session at the command prompt, there comes a point where I resent this administrator/user experience for wasting my time, every time. There has to be a better way to get the ABAP and HANA services working well on my personal computer, without the hassle of using a terminal window and the need to remember ‘just the right’ sequence of commands, perfectly, every time.

My passion is to find practical solutions that help fellow explorers overcome their challenges with using the MiniSAP Editions of the SAP suite of technologies. This allows a truly curious SAP Enthusiast to get on with the adventure of learning while minimising the time and effort spent on repetative activities.

MiniSAP Plus (+) Utility

Get my Free ‘MiniSAP Plus (+)’ Utility

If you are sick and tired of using a terminal window to start and stop the MiniSAP services on your personal computer, then you’ll want to start by downloading and installing my free ‘MiniSAP Plus (+)’ utility in the virtual guest operating system on your personal computer.

Automate the Startup of MiniSAP services with the ‘MiniSAP Plus (+)’ utility, a collection of practical Linux scripts and configurations for the MiniSAP Developer Editions. Start the virtual machine and watch as everything automagically appears.

Just two clicks to initiate shutdown of the MiniSAP Services and the virtual guest operating system in one sequence, using the ‘MiniSAP Plus (+)’ utility.