What is the MiniSAP Plus (+) Utility?

MiniSAP Plus (+) Utility

A collection of quick-start utilities improving the System Administrators experience, while learning MiniSAP technologies in Gnome/OpenSUSE on your personal computer.

Benefit 1 – Spend less time typing commands in the Terminal Window.

Benefit 2 – Automatically start MiniSAP ABAP Services in Guest Operating System, as a normal user.

Benefit 3 – A two click shutdown of MiniSAP ABAP Services and Guest Operating System.

  1. Whats This For
  2. Overview of MiniSAP Plus (+)
  3. Overview of MiniSAP Plus (+) for Automation
  4. MiniSAP Plus (+) Automation – Startup and Shutdown Experience
  5. Overview of MiniSAP Plus (+) for ABAP Stack