Overview of MiniSAP Plus (+) for Automation

Installing ‘MiniSAP Plus (+)’ will add a MiniSAP+ Automation application to the Gnome desktop application list.

The ‘MiniSAP+ Auto’ application will automatically start up the installed MiniSAP Developer Edition, right after the user logs in to their guest operating system user account.

The ‘MiniSAP+ Auto’ application is not hooked into the system demons. It will not start when the operating system starts. It will only start after the user logs in.

Following all of the ‘Install MiniSAP on Your Personal Computer (ABAP Stack)’ course tasks and using ‘MiniSAP Plus (+)’ will simplify the learning adventure.

  1. Manually start the virtual machine.
  2. User account will auto-login.
  3. MiniSAP Developer Edition services will auto-start, due to the ‘MiniSAP Plus (+)’ advantage.
  4. Enjoy the adventure of learning.
  5. Manually shut down the virtual machine, using the ‘MiniSAP Plus (+)’ action menu to include a clean shutdown of MiniSAP services, before the guest operating system is shut down.

All of these action menu items are also available via the main MiniSAP+ application and the specific MiniSAP+ technology stack applications.

Recommendation: Leave the ‘MiniSAP+ Auto’ application buried here amongst the full list of available applications.

Disclaimer: The MiniSAP+ Automation capability is for MiniSAP Developer Edition installations only. Never use it in a production system because the NPLADM/HXEADM users password is stored in a plain text file. This is intentionally insecure, prioritising convenience over security, for a ‘Developer Only’ installation in a virtual machine on your personal laptop.

To be clear, this is not an Enterprise-grade solution.
Do not use it in any commercial organisation environments.