Easily Download MiniSAP (ABAP) and Install it Right the 1st Time

… then join the course to install and
configure it the right way, the first time!

Download MiniSAP (ABAP Stack)

Imagine you’ve got a spare hour and really wanted to read the ‘F1 Inline Help’ for the latest ABAP syntax enhancements. Yes, I’m serious, in a geeky-kind-of-way because of your passion to learn and stay on the wave of evolving SAP ABAP technologies.

Sure, you could go look it up on Google, Bing, Yahoo, AltaVista, Lycos, Dogpile, AOL, Infoseek, Netscape, Ask, HotBot, Excite … oops, now I’m showing my age.

“… yeah … reading is ok but doing is better!”

Ideal Situation: Get ‘MiniSAP Developer Edition’ running on your personal computer.

Learn SAP ABAP, SAP BW and SAP UI5 by doing it.

Allowing you to code, compile, model and design your way to achieve successful solutions. Even debug the What’s This For (WTF) unexpected outcomes.

Unfortunately: There’s a fair bit of click-wait, configuration and trawling through the web to bring it all together.

Solution: Get ‘MiniSAP Developer Edition’ running on your personal computer by following this step-by-step guide.

By the end of the course, you will have clarity between the effort to get it installed and configured (more effort) versus the effort to startup ‘MiniSAP Plus (+) Utility’ every day (real easy) once it’s all on your personal computer.

Allowing you to easily get on with exploring and experiencing the SAP ABAP Stack technologies, like the ABAP Editor, Business Warehouse (BW) and SAPUI5.

A Typical Everyday Experience:

  1. Startup Virtual Machine application.
  2. Startup the guest operating system.
  3. Login to the guest operating system.
  4. Startup the MiniSAP Developer Edition services.
  5. Login as a Developer User.
  6. Enjoy the adventure of learning.
  7. Shutdown MiniSAP Developer Edition services.
  8. Shutdown the guest operating system in the virtual machine.

Action Recommended: Join the online course now for a crystal clear MiniSAP installation experience.